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Thread: 100 mile update

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    100 mile update

    We now have over 100 miles on the new Co-motion Speedster

    First impressions on the bike---
    the fit & finish is really nice.
    The attention to detail was evident.
    The ordering process was good and their patience in answering LOTS of questions was evident and appreciated.
    I had it set up do we could use disk or drum down the road as we decide what we need.

    First Impressions of the RIDE:
    Its power transfer is very good.
    It seems stiff enough so as now to be whippy but still maintains a decent ride feel. (my single bikes Titanium and Carbon-- so i have a good base to compare to)
    It corners well though I am still learning how to do this it is not like a single (as you all know)
    It is very stable at slow speeds (like creeping forward at a light)

    First impressions of riding Tandem in general

    We have both have lots of experience on singles and had borrowed a tandem several years back for a while
    It takes a lot of communications --the ride is not your own
    she really trusts me a lot
    doing things systematically makes life easier
    much more power on flats rolling downhill and small grades
    bigger rises are very doable --just a tad slower
    stop signs and intersections take on a whole new meaning and perception-- we have come to several tricky ones due to grade and or traffic and had now problems

    Overall..... what a fun new toy .... worth the wait much yet to learn

    Looking forward to some group rides and rally's

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    Congratulations on your new toy. Looks beautiful, I mean the bike If I were ever toorder one from co-motion I would go with white too. Enjoy!

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