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    Books or articles for roadie new to tandems

    I need some advice! I've ridden road bikes for twenty years, but just bought my first tandem (just found a woman who likes to ride after those twenty years, but that's another story!) We're doing surprisingly well. The road experience gives me a big head start on dealing with traffic, and fixing that first flat. But there are many differences.
    Any suggestions on reading matter? A good book, an article or two? The Burley said it came with "Riding in Tandem" which sounded great, but it's out of print so does not come with Burleys anymore.

    Bob Van Siclen

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    Start here...

    Although not as detailed as "The Tandem Scoop" that used to come with Burley tandems, Cannondale's booklet is pretty good too...

    If you lose this link don't fret; it's also on our Web site.

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    Howdy from Tucson!
    Find a copy (free!) of Recumbent & Tandem Rider Magazine available at some bike shops or subscribe. Back copies have some info on tandem riding. Check out the TCA website (Tandem Club of America), for more.
    Talk to a Burley tandem owner and see if you can borrow their tandem book.
    Also some posts on this forum on how to communicate (important!), etc.
    Pedal on TWOgether!
    Rudy & Kay/Zona tandem

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