GABA, Tucson area bike club, held its annual Toys for Tots Ride last Saturday, Dec. 6th.
Ride started at 2 different park locations and ended up at the Reid park Zoo where riders deposited the toys they had strapped to their bikes and bodies and in trailers. Then we gathered for hot drinks and munchies on the patio.
Over 60 cyclists showed up for the event, including 5 tandems.
The tandems presented a good cross section; in alphabetical order:
A white Cannondale, a bright blue Electra cruizer tandem, a black KHS, a yellow Rans recumbent and a c/f Zona tandem.
Bit of a cool start for us as we pedaled to the event start. Shorts, knee socks for Kay/wool socks for Rudy. Arm warmers + light jacket and light full gloves + newspaper stuffed in front of pilot chest between jersey and jacket.
Contrary to popullar belief, desert mornings can be quite cool, especially in the low lying areas by the washes (dry riverbeds). By noontime we had temps in the 60s . . . yes winter has arrived!
Glad we do not have to battle freezing temps too often and have been snowed on only 3 times in our 30 years here in Tucson.
Tends to get us in the holiday mood . . .
Pedal on TWOgether!
Rudy and Kay/zonatandem