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    Brewer and Malkin are off to Mazatlan!

    So the adventure begins...

    After a frustrating afternoon at the bike shop a couple of weeks ago, I was pretty much conviinced that it was simply impossible for the Redster to be disassembled and stuffed into two airline-worthy suitcases. My sense of dread and incredulity dissolved into a wave of triumph as the handlebars finally found their places among the tangle of tubes. The thing actually fits! The only adjustment I had to make was to balance the weight a bit so each bag ended up weighing in at about 48 pounds.

    So now we're at the airport. Bags checked without incident. Next test of the concept will be when we hit the ground in Mexico.

    We'll send pictures.


    Brewer & Malkin
    2008 Red Co-Motion Speedster Co-pilot (Redster)
    2009 Surly LHT (captain's commuter)
    2009 Surly Crosscheck (stoker's road bike)
    2007 Giant FCR2W (stoker's commuter)
    1980's NOS Legnano (stoker's toy)
    1970's Stella rebuilt as fixed-gear (captain's toy)

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    You are two are bound to create a co-motion (pun intended) on your red 2-seater down in Mexico!
    Bienvenudo a Mazatlan!
    Pedal on TWOgether!
    Rudy and Kay/zonatandem

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