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Racing a triplet

Does anyone know if it is legal to race a 3 seater in a tandem time trial? Ever done a race on a 3+ tandem? I know that the USA cycling rules say that a tandem has to be less that 3 meters, so my triplet would certainly not qualify. However, I wonder if there is any exception or something like an exhibition category that would allows us to race.

The reason I ask is because I would like to do a few TT with my daughter this year (it is extremely unlikely that my other stoker will ever consider racing). We do not have a 2-seat tandem, only the triplet (which doesn't come apart). I don't have the money to invest in a tandem for us to race on, but we ride it by ourselves a lot of the time. I could easily remove the rear seat, bars, etc.. Of course, the bike would be extra long and heavy. That wouldn't really matter. I'm sure we wouldn't break any records, it would just be for our own enjoyment. The other option would be for me to borrow a friend of mine, who would probably be happy to join us as stoker. He has been racing for years.

I've e-mailed one of the TT coordinators in my area (kansas City) to see if he would consider adding a tandem category, but haven't heard from him yet. I suppose another option would be to rent a tandem for these occassions, but I would rather not do that.

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I'm willing to bet some tandem team around your area would be willing to swap bikes for a weekend every now and then! I know we would love to have "occasional" access to a triplet! Too bad you're in Kansas.

Worth asking around though, I would think.
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We inquiered about racing the triplet in the CoMo 2007 race and were told: No way!. Once there, we saw a couple of tandem with tag-alongs doing the TT and the road race stages in the "easy/novice" category.
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Look for a non-sanctioned TT. In essence a run what you brung type of event. We have a local TT that has Tandems, Fixie's and even had recumbent race.
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I'll have to try the non-sanctioned events. I just had one person respond that I could ride it in their event (non-sanctioned). I remember that course and it would be a difficult one because it is out and back with a turn around on a two lane road. I tried once and it would be impossible to turn around the 11 foot bike without stopping. Oh well, I'm sure I would be the only triplet, so I guess I would be gaurenteed to win my category.

One of these days, I'll have to get my racing friend to be my stoker. I bet my daughter would enjoy travelling along at the pace that the three of us could keep.
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I would check with your LBS or Precision Tandems(Overland Park, KS) . They may have a demo or a rental available.
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