Fame at last!!?
I am doing a big ride in June, may be a bit special, but this is one that most would have to train for. 100 miles off road with 10000 ft of climbing and only one day to do it in. In reply to someones query about this event, I sent a letter to one of the UK magazines, MBR. I also pointed out that I am a mature rider, and doing it on a tandem, and live at the tail end of the ride. Yesterday, out with Stuart, the pilot, on the Tandem on a cardio vascular ride on the final bit of this ride, when we caught a couple going up the last hill to Butts Brow. Not a bad hill but it will be on the 100miler event. As we passed them, I was asked the question, "Are you doing the South Downs Way in June"? Yes, "Are you the one that wrote the letter in the magazine? Yes.

There are only 200 entries for this event, and they will come from all over England. What are the chances that the only people we met on the ride were also doing that event? More to the point, I thought I was the only person that ever read these letters to the editor bit, so what are the chances of finding THE OTHER person that reads these letters?

Fantastic to realise that I am finally recognised, but when you think about it, there ain't many Offroad Tandems about in the U.K; even less actually go offroad, although most of them are ridden by "older" teams. For the rest of you out there, we made them realise why we ride a Tandem, Caught them comfortably on the hill. Left them on the flat, and showed them what a longwheel base and plenty of weight can do on the downhills.

Any others out there that became famous for doing nothing? And I don't mean that as a stoker "I was not pedalling"