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    Can somebody verify my equipment changes?

    Hi there! My wife and I picked up a used Santana Arriva this week. It's in really great shape, but the 105 STI shifters are failing, so I want to bring it up to current 10 speed.

    It looks like the stuff I need are:

    11-34 Mega-10 cassette from Santana
    (I've already verified a Dura Ace 10 spd with and 11 tooth small cog fits my hub)

    regular old Ultegra 6603 triple STI shifters and FD.

    and a XTR RD-M971 SGS (This is the one I'm not sure of not being a mountain biker, I need TOP NORMAL, right?)

    and a 10spd chain of course....

    Does that sound like it will get me the equivalent of what Santana is calling their perfect 10 system?


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    Couple of things I can verify-

    XTR rear derailler is more expensive than XT- which is just as suitable and both work as well as each other. The only thing is that the XTR will last longer. I use XTR on the Mountain Tandem so it is strong enough.

    10 speed chain- Tandems are tough on everything but the only chains I have ever broken were Dure Ace. Get advise on the strongest chain and don't just go for the fancy ones.

    From experience- The change on the cassette from the 28 to 34 is big. I use an 11/32 on my tandem (9 Speed) in preference to having that big jump.
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    The XTR you speced is a rear der. as indicated by the part number XTR RD-971 SGS.

    Normally a top reference is to top pull for the front der. As for normal I'm assuming you are referring to normal pull direction where the upshift and downshift would be normal to most road bikes, some mountain der have what's known as rapid rise which works backwards from normal conventions. Meaning a normal spring der will pull the cage towards the smaller cassette rings. Rapid pise pulls the cage towards larger cassette rings.

    You didn't mention your original rear der, it is possible it could work fine. Do you already have 9sp?

    Also, I'm not positive but you might require the FD in 10sp also and I don't believe 6603 is 10sp but rather 9sp.

    Hope it helped, but not sure it did.

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    Since you all ready have to call Santana for the cassette, ask them these same questions. They will be more than happy to help. Have your serial number handy so that they can identify the year.
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