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    noobie on computor

    we have just bought a burley samba and want to put a wireless on the stoker end but the instruction say mount on front only ---- it is a cateye will it work as well on rear thanks

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    The instructions / owners manual that came with your computer should indicate a maximum transmission range and if it's only 70cm, then it's only 70cm.

    Here is a link to all of Cateye's downloadable manuals:

    If the max range is 70cm, to use it on the rear you would need to use something like a strap-on computer mount on the stoker's top tube to get it close enough to the transmitter to work. You could also measure the distance from the left rear brake boss to your stoker's handlebars to see if that might put the transmitter and receiver close enough (something less than 27.5") to possibly work, assuming your stoker's leg doesn't interfere with the transmission signal.

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