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    Potential Ebay Fraud Involving Used Tandems Up For Auction

    Some alert Ebay regulars who are familiar with tandem noticed at least two highly suspicious auctions involving tandems during the past few days. There are some tell-tale signs that the seller is not necessarily familar with what he is selling in that several brand names (Santana and Airborne) will be used to describe the tandems, different sizes will be given in different places, the pictures aren't typically what you'd see in a ad like the one used, the descriptions are written in broken english and somewhat absurd, e.g.,

    "You cannot imagine the beauty of this bike. It is almost like flying. You and your friend will enjoy a wonderful trip. Believe me this superb tandem is more than** a simple bike, it has the power to make you happy and feel connected with the partner/friend."

    In these two examples, the sellers (actually, it appears to be the same individual) just opened up Ebay accounts and have no prior transaction history.

    1997 Santana Arriva:

    Santana Team Ti-700:

    Be careful out there....

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    Good advice. I would also insist on having the seller agree to put something that expensive in escrow prior to bidding...

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