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Sore Tail Bone

we ride our tandem alot but not distances until this week we rode 28 miles one day and 2 days later did a 25 mile ride, afterwards my tail bone is sore. I wear padded shorts (Baggys) and also tried my padded breifs but still sore tail bone, seat looks to be level and height seems alright. the seat i have is a planet bike ars (anatomic releif saddle) any help would be greatful and always willing to try something different.
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If you do a search you will find an incredible number of threads on this an related topics. It's all about saddle time, quality of shorts (to a point), saddle and saddle adjustment. Too much padding is a bad thing. Chamois cream can be a good thing. The padded saddle that feels great for 10 miles might be a nightmare for 40 miles.

I'm not familiar with Baggys, but does this sort of short have an inner sort that keeps the padding from sliding around? Also, are you saying you were ok after the first ride, but very sore after the second? I associate baggy shorts with mountain bikers who seem to spend a lot of time out of the saddle. For road bikes lycra shorts are really preferred for longer rides.

Do you get out of the saddle occassionally (stand and stretch) or pedal standing? My rear can get painful after about 2.5 hours, but yesterday we had to walk 1/2 mile up a very steep stretch well into a 70 mile ride. I was in rear pain prior to that, but felt fine after walking for a few minutes. Says something for blood flow and air flow.
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rdtompki pretty much said it all. Just as a side note, I've been riding for over 40 years at around 7000 miles/year and didn't think I could ever have a sore behind again, but I switched to an SMP Strike Evolution saddle about a month ago for uh male reasons. This saddle has absolutely NO padding, and is nearly impossible to ride without padded shorts. While I'm getting used to it, I have discovered new places on my sit bones that I didn't realize were there.
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My wife has the same tail bone problem. She has the problem with the most expensive saddles and saddles that every one recommends. Not every one is created equal. Her brother has the same problem.

She finally found a saddle with a cut out in the rear for her tail bone.

The saddle she found is a:
Royal Vacuum Light
Royal Gel
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On another note, a very overly upright position can put extra pressure on the tailbone, and can cause that pain too. In an effort to take pressure off of my stokers hands and wrist, we had moved her to a more upright position. This caused more issue for her than helped. We really took the time last year and focused on her fit and position. Made huge improvements. So much so that she decided in August to tackle her first century the beginning of September. First interest in 10 years of tandeming to try a century.
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Assuming we are talking tailbone and not sit bone. Don't just hear the stoker, listen to her too! :-) I was interpreting things differently based on my experience. She doesn't ride other than the tandem, so her comfort issues needed to be diagnosed with a lot of discussion and clarification.
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