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    A Stoker wireless that works, even for me!

    I’m a guy that has to have cadence and speed on his computers that are accurate and foolproof. . I’ve used numerous wired Cateye Astrales on our Tandem and my singles since the early 90’s with complete satisfaction… except…. I really hate the wires running all over the place particularly on the Tandems from the stoker position.
    So a year or two ago I tried several wireless computers for my stoker (VDO, Vetta, and ?) in the $75 + price range. I tried some of the ones that I know others on this forum have had good success with. Unfortunately I had terrible luck with them because all to frequently they would drop the signal or transmit crazy data producing inaccurate distances and averages which really made me nuts. I’ll be quick to admit that it might have been my lack of setup skills or just bad Karma but either way I gave up on wireless computers completely….swore them off forever. (I never did try any of the Garmin line because I didn’t want to spend that kind of money).
    When we bought a second Tandem a couple months ago I ordered up two more Astrales but then I just could not bring myself to run those wires from the stoker position all over our new ride…so I went on a search for another wireless computer with cadence….this time I landed on a Cateye V2C that claims to have a bit of different transmitting technology than the ones I tried in the past.
    I installed it with pretty low expectations but much to my surprise, after a couple of months, and 900+ miles of riding, it has been dead reliable!! I was so please I bought a second one for our original Tandem and it has been just as accurate so far. I would recommend the V2C highly.
    FWIW, I have no stock in Cateye or any issue with any of their competitors…just wanted to share what is working for me…and of course know that YRMV. Have fun.
    Bill J.

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    I use a Cateye V3 and it works fine. My computer is synced to my heartrate monitor and to the speed/cadence sensor on the rear chainstay. My wife's computer is synced to her heartrate monitor and to the same speed/cadence sensor on the rear chainstay. We have not had any problems with this system.

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