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Tandem Biking and a Special Needs Teen

I previously posted this in my Northern California Community, but realized I should have asked the Tandem group as well...

I am an avid road bike rider and have a special needs son (17) who also likes to ride bikes (albeit at a tempered level). We went for a tandem ride in Sonoma a while back on a cruiser type tandem and now he is really pushing for me to get a tandem bike for us to ride. I participate in several centuries a year and think it might be an interesting idea to buy a tandem and make this a dad/son outing.

Any advice on the notion of owning a tandem and going for something of this magnitude. I would say we are a combined 425 lbs of biking I need some guidance on brand and type (my personal bike is a Trek Madone).

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Without knowing your sons diagnosis -

1. A "regular" tandem with you as captain - Canondale, Trek, Comotion, Santana etc
2. A hybrid tandem such as the Hase Pino with your son in the front seat.
3. Two Hase Kettwiesel's joined together with your son in the rear.
4. A Tandem recumbent trike such as the Greenspeed GTT
5. A Tandem recumbent two wheel bike.

There are a bunch of adaptions available for the Hase bikes.

If at any point your son would get "tired" of the ride or want to get off when it was not appropriate to do so, you may be better off with a recumbent configuration which is more comfortable for longer rides and less possibility of falling off.

A cyclist I know takes a special needs friend for a tandem ride - There were a number of times his friend "fell asleep" on the back and was not holding on. Nothing bad happened but certainly increases task loading for the captain - Is my stoker awake?

My son has CP and we use a Hase Trets today but likely I will use a Hase Pino in the future with my son on the front.

Regards Dwayne

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Originally Posted by tobinw View Post
Any advice on the notion of owning a tandem and going for something of this magnitude. I would say we are a combined 425 lbs of biking I need some guidance on brand and type (my personal bike is a Trek Madone).
Assuming your son can ride a drop or flat bar upright road bike, look for a used Cannondale RT1000, RT2000 or RT3000, ideally one of the model built after 1999. This would provide you with a good solid frame that uses fairly contemporary components at what should be a reasonable price. If cost isn't an issue, one of the new Cannondale RT2 or RT3 tandems would also work quite well.
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Also . . .
Co-Motion Periscope or BikeFriday tandems (new or used). Both have low stand-over room.
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pan y agua
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You might want to take a look at Davinci's independent coasting system.
You could fall off a cliff and die.
You could get lost and die.
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Please exuse me for hitch-hiking on this thead but I am in a very similar situation. My wife was was in an accident and lost both arms above her elbows. We both enjoyed cycling a lot but at this time it is not possible for her. I don't feel right going out on my bike without her. I had looked at the Hase Pino as a viable option but at $4400 it is not something we can go for. Does anyone know of a less expensive knock-off or possibly a tadpole style that is steered by weight? She doesn't have the same faith I have in getting her back on a bike but I know she will be very happy when she can.
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soulknight, check this thread, halfway down cat020 mentions a Tawinese copy for less money. Upright and recumbent tandem?
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