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    Disk "retrofit" kit?

    Is there any kind of retrofit kit that will allow putting a disk brake on a frame that does not have bosses for disks? I was thinking of some sort of brace that would bolt between the non-drive chain and seat stays that would accommodate the caliper. The frame is aluminium so adding bosses is not an option.

    Also, here in So Fla there is not enough elevation to even worry about overheating, but as a "pipe-dream" I was thinking of adding a rear only stoker operated disk for shedding speed should we ever do any mountain rides.

    I bought a spare set of wheels and they are disk ready, hence the "pipe dream." The old wheels have 38mm tires for "off road" riding (levees, unpaved roads and trails) and the new wheels have 30mm tires for roads.
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    Yes, it's called the 'Brake Therapy' conversion kit:

    However, a drum brake would be more appropriate for what you're describing as the intended use. Unless your Lambo came with a left-hand threaded rear hub, either of these modifications would require a new rear wheel.

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    Have ridden the 'hilly' part of Florida (Sebring Tandem Rally) and in our view/opinion there is absolutly no need for disc/drum unless you decide to go riding mountains out of state.
    We have descended from over 9000' level with only 2 brakes. No drum, no disc.
    But that's us . . . your needs/wants may be different.

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