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    Nice to have some ecouragement out there.

    I a guest blogger on the blog this week. Was about tandem riding could be good for new stokers.

    From the better half

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    Riding the tandem has already taught me a lot of things. It allows me to better understand a sport about which my boyfriend is incredibly
    passionate (I even went to my first spin class this week so I can improve). It gets me to return to my roots in the countryside and see some
    beautiful scenery (a great contrast to my daily life in the city on some of these rides). It provides us an opportunity to work together, in sync,
    to achieve a common goal--whether reaching the summit of a big hill, rounding a corner, getting fit or simply arriving back home in one piece.
    It helps me, as much as I fight against it and try to look ahead up the road, to give up control and just enjoy the ride.
    At least there's no one I'd rather have as my captain

    A very nice write up of your stoker experience!

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