I posted this on the MTB forums, but am also posting it here. If there are any must do road rides along this route we are open to that also.

The wife and I are trying to plan a week or so of trail hopping in the Southeast US.

With luck we will get into the Southern Tandem Rally in Alabama this fall, for a weekend of riding the road tandem.

Plan is to use the week prior to the STR to ride a different trail each day as we make our way to the STR.

Our home is West Palm. So we need to head north.

If you folks know of Tandem MTB singletrack trails that we may hit along our drive to the STR please share them.

Our initial list has Santos in Florida, FATS, Tsali, likely a day or two near the STR, and if possible a ride near Canton Georgia with the MTBTandems folks.

Obviously, these do not form a straight line to Alabama, but thatís OK. We hope to ride some great new places, nothing too beginner, nor kill us. Just fun riding, walking the sections that show we are human.

Letís hear the thoughts on the places we must ride.

I know of SORBA and will do homework there too.

Paul & Jeanne