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Old 03-05-10, 01:52 PM   #1
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Opinions on this purchase opportunity ...

Would like to buy our first tandem ... would love a new one, but as it is a first, I'm hesitant to spend the money. I don't want the low end and I haven't looked at high end (I guess that's all relative), but have looked at new Cannondale.

I may have an opportunity to get the tandem listed below for approx $1000.
Looking for thoughts on this ....

Year: 1991
Mileage: Approx. 1200 since new (hardly used)
Model: No specific model name other than Cannondale Tandem
Frame: 6061-T6 TIG welded alumuminum
Rims: Wolber Super Champion 27-inch dia.
Tires: 27 x 1-14 (700 x 28/38c)
Hubs: Bullseye sealed bearing
Crank: Shimano triple 32-48-53
Freewheel: Shimano 7-speed
Shifters: STI - Shimano RSX
Derailleurs: Shimano Deore DX (front), SunTour XC 9010 (rear)
Brakes: Shimano Deore XT cantilever
Seatposts: Shimano quick-release
Pedals: Forte’ Campus (SPD/street shoe compatible – new Oct. 2009)
Headset/bars: Cianelli

- 23 x 21 aluminum frame
- Sigma computerized odometer
- New Forte' combination pedals (4) with SPD-compatible cleat or street shoes
- New tires, tubes, rim tape, bottles
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hors category
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Way too much money, I guess that's more than twice what fair market would bring without even running the numbers.

Do some additional homework and shop around for a better, newer machine. You should be able to find a 2001 C'dale for about $1,200.00 without too much trouble.

Resources for first time buyer can be found at my Website:
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Thanks. I am having trouble finding many used tandems for sale ... central Ohio
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I love C'dale's but that one is waaay over priced...great frame but those components are pretty outdated for that price and would be crazy expensive to upgrade if you pay anywhere near that kind of money to start with. ..I know it is hard but, keep looking and be patient..there are opportunities out there for you.
Good luck.

Bill J.
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I would try to get into something with 700C wheels. The 27" wheels are obsolete and there are not alot of tire choices available. Also, it probably has a freewheel, not a cassette. If you can get something a little more modern with at least 140mm and preferably 145mm rear drop-out spacing, it opens up more possibilities for upgrading in the future, ie 9 speed.
Be patient and watch ebay, as well as craigslist (do a search on google, for example: craigslist tandem...or better, if you have a particular brand in mind, add it to the search. This way it is not region specific)
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Hey let's ride.
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That's a $500 bike in my book at best.
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Originally Posted by turnerb1 View Post
Thanks. I am having trouble finding many used tandems for sale ... central Ohio
There is a Trek T2000 in Warren. Claims to be a 2003, but BikePedia indicates they were made from '05 to '08. Don't know your size or whether this is within your price range: $1750. But it is Ohio. You could presumably widen your search to include western NY, western PA, eastern IN, southern MI, ...
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If the C'dale fits, you can make a low-ball offer . . . at 500 bucks it would be a decent deal, even with older componentry.
Just our opinion.
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For some reason, at the moment it seems used Cannondales are listed way high for pricing. Not this one in particular just in general.

While it may be a $500 bike to some, if it fits, the condition is as described, AND it needs nothing to be used, it may be worth offering a bit more than $500, but not much more.

The deciding factor is knowing if it really fits both of you well, and what the intended use of the bike is. For casual riding it may be fine. If you plan to ride longer distances, or load it down and tour, it may not be so good.

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Retro Grouch 
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Originally Posted by zonatandem View Post
If the C'dale fits, you can make a low-ball offer . . . at 500 bucks it would be a decent deal, even with older componentry.
Just our opinion.
That's what I think too. Put the negotiating ball back in the seller's court.

Tandems are a bit different from other bikes in that most aren't UPS-able. That effectively limits the market area for both buyer and seller. You can spend all summer looking for the perfect used bike match or you can make the best deal you can for what's available today and spend the summer riding. Everybody draws the balance line between those two extremes differently.
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Oldie, just not here!
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Searching the Bikes category using with a radius of 250 miles, (basically a day trip to buy it and get back home), I found several tandems listed on CraigsList in the central Ohio area.

Agree with all that said $500 is tops for a 27" wheel, 7 speed setup. To change to 8, 9 or 10 speed stuff would cost over $1000 by the time you consider new tandem rated wheels, new brifters, cassette, derailleurs, cranks and chain. And since the "new" wheels may HAVE TO stay 27", it just ain't worth it! Even if it was, depending upon the spacing of the rear triangle, it may just have to stay as it is anyway.

Also, as RetroGrouch said, tandems are not UPS-able, but they can be boxed up and shipped. Percentage-wise however, the $100 to $200 price tag is not worth it for a $500 bike. For a $2500 bike it's a different story.

In glancing briefly at my search on SearchTempest, I saw a nice Co-Motion Speedster in the mix. A tad high at $2750, but that's just their starting point. If it fit me and I could buy it for $2500 or less, I be all over it as compared to the Cannondale at any price or even the Trek T2000, (and I OWN one!)

But that's just me. The Co-Mo Speedster will be a fast handling bike, where my Trek T2000 has been called "Santana-ish" in its geometry, (more of a stable, touring platform).
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Thanks to all!! It's refreshing to get well thought information and opinions.
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