In a bid to whip myself back into shape for my looming date with the Climb to Kaiser, I set out to see how many miles I could rack up on a working weekday.

The route and itinerary:

  • Ride out and back to Summit Ranch, featuring a 0.5 mile 13.5% grade climb (15 miles)
  • Commute to work (7 miles)
  • Commute home from work (10 miles)
  • After work tandem ride (18 miles)

The neat thing is that all this riding (3-1/2 hours) wasn't at the expense of making Mrs. R a cycling widow. I did have to leave for work an hour early to do the out-and-back, but then it included the commuting I'd have to do anyway by car. Then, upon my return home we had over an hour of tandem riding together before dinner. Mrs. R's dinner tastes great after 50 miles!

Thanks to our tandem, we top off the day with a nice ride together, and simultaneously I accumulate a further 18 miles to make it a super training day. Maybe this can be done with something other than a tandem, but I don't know how.