I just came across this photo from a trip my wife, son (4 at the time) and I took to Germany last year. We took our Santana S&S tandem, a Burley Solo child trailer, our son's car/airplane seat, a stroller, and all the accessories that go along with taking a child to a foreign country. This was before US Airways started charging for a second bag on international flights, thank goodness. We rented a car and did day rides, BTW. It wasn't a bike tour. Going again this year and hoping to travel lighter, but we are taking our triplet. Should be interesting...

On left: Matty in the way-cool "Sit-n-Stroll" hybrid carseat-airplane seat-stroller
On cart: two brown S&S cases with tandem, box with disassembled Burley stroller, two dufflebags with misc. stuff.
In background: gorgeous BMW that I wish we could have rented instead of our Ford Focus wagon :-)