Today cgallagh and I rode up Sierra Rd. as a Time Trial event prior to the the Amgen Tour of CA KOM event. 200 of us TT's up that piece of lovely, painful pavement. On the way I passed, and was passed by, Chichi and his stoker. We discussed (as best we could at Z4) where we might have seen each other.

Chris (aka cgallagh) and I were enjoying the catered lunch when this guy sits down at our table and asks, "Are you Joe Vortex?

We discussed who was whom. And then they were gone.

Nice to meet you, Chichi and stoker! Hope we can ride the tandem together someday!

And no, not up Sierra. Chris says we "could have" done it, and I think, "We could have made $1M last year."

Jus' sayin'...