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    Bike Friday Tandem Two'sDay v. Traveler Q

    Thinking of getting a Bike Friday Tandem Two'sDay (folding) or a Traveler Q model that converts to a single bike. Anyone have experience with either bike.

    Questions: How easy is the Two'sDay to fold and carry on public transportation, i.e., buses and Metro trains (e.g. Wash., D.C.)?

    Will the Two'sDay fit in the trunk or back seat of a family sedan, e.g., '96 Camry?

    Do you like whichever bike you have and why? If not, why did you get rid of it?


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    I have a Traveller Q, and you can read about it in a thread called "Tandem for a Family?" a couple of pages back.

    I love the Q because of the single bike option, which I've used on four business trips so far. The biggest problem with the bike is that its "slide together" design takes me a significant amount of time to assemble and dis-assemble. Usually, I budget about an hour to put up on destination, and an hour at the end to take it down. To take it back up from a single to a tandem takes about the same amount of time, (longer if you're starting from a full disassembly).

    I have managed to "squish" one of the split cable connectors so far, and I've deformed the seat post tube a bit from over-clamping. Also, I'm never terribly pleased with the shifting of the rear derailleur in tandem mode, even after upgrading to an XT derailleur. All the cable distance just leads to stretch.

    However, the pleasure of riding with my son makes up for the hassle, as does the fun of riding in new cities on the single while I travel. I joined some old riding club members for a ride in DC, and I did just fine on the bike in single mode as they rode their regular road bikes.

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