Last night was one of those get home from work and ride nights.

Often for us, these are just mileage and a means to stay motivated, plus keep the legs and pivots loosened up.

Rode a decent distance on familiar roads. Yes, we did step it up a bit, making this more of a faster but shorter ride, but still fun.

We took a break to check out the cars at the local cruise night, grabbed a Gatorade and continued towards home.

Darkness encroached as we left the cruise night show, no big deal though as we had ridden this route in darkness before. Taillight flashin', Tri-Newt headlamp burning, we worked our way home.

About 1/2 way to the house, we were traveling north, on a road that typically sees moderate daytime traffic (commuters and soccer moms). In the distance there was the self supported, portable traveling speed sign / trailer to alert motorists of their speed.

Cars are passing us and the speed billboard changes as each passes, showing their speed.

As the last car passes by us, the sign flashes to zero. Next it starts indicating 38 / 39 for the mph. I look back for an oncoming car from the rear. No headlights visible, I get cautious.

Ironically, the stoker started looking back to see, the lighted road was clear of cars...just a tandem rolling through the night.

As we continued towards the sign, it remained at 38 / 39, until we had passed the pick up beam or whatever.

The simultaneous comment from each of us was, wish we had the camera.