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Thread: hackers/virus

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    Have hacker/virus at work on our 'puter.
    Someone is soliciting $$ in our name . . .
    NO $$ needed!
    Did get in a nice tandem toot this morning and a great brunch!
    Pedal on TWOgether!
    Rudy and Kay/zonatandem
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    The Russkies are forever sending out spam with one of my addresses spoofed as the return. Nothing to be done, nothing to do with me or mine.

    Stoker rode dressage this morning, has shot legs, which means I have to ride my single this evening! Oh well. I'll do something cruel to myself. But we'll get out tomorrow. Only two weeks to our first multi-day tour.

    Ever see that play K-2? Two climbers are trapped on a ledge and spend a lot of the play sort of inventorying and rationalizing their gear in the background. That's kind of how I feel. Except I know this will end well.

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