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Old 09-28-10, 03:59 AM   #1
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UpGrading a CrestLine Tandem

I have a CrestLine Tandem. My wife and I have been riding it for about two months. It is great fun. However it seems to be a rather low end piece of equipment. I would like to upgrade this bike.
Has anyone taken a lower end bike and performed an upgrade. Maybe new hubs,rims,derailer,sprockets, cassette, etc .... This bike was given to me so I would be willing to spend some money on this upgrade, maybe $500 or so.
1) Do you think this is a wise idea?
2)Could an upgrade like this be done for 500 or so.
3)What can you do to make the best improvement?
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Old 09-28-10, 10:34 AM   #2
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I recently built up my first single from a frame I had given to me. It definitely wasn't worth it. After paying for all the individual parts, I now have a bike with a lot of expensive nice parts that isn't a lot of fun to ride because the frame isn't a very good design. (It's a full suspension mountain bike.)

I'm not familiar with CrestLine, but you may fall into the same problem after upgrading if it's a cheaper frame and fork. I think you should maintain it so you can keep using it but keep your eyes open for a used upgrade that's complete. (If it's actually a desirable frame, then that may change things.)
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Our suggestion:
Ride the Crestline a is; do not upgrade it.
As you state: " . . . a rather low end piece of equipment."
Save some $$ and eventually buy a better used/new tandem.
Enjoy the ride TWOgether!
Rudy and Kay/zonatandem
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Old 10-02-10, 05:37 PM   #4
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The other question to ask is what functionality will you get with upgrades that you don't have now?
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My wife and I had a Crestline, and we enjoyed it for very casual rides near home. However, any time we tried to go faster it was obvious that it was heavy and the frame flexed a lot. No component upgrades are going to solve those problems.

Similar to other suggestions, save up your pennies. Then clean up your Crestline and sell it for whatever you can get. Put the money toward a nicer bike.

We have a Trek T900, which I would categorize as a good quality cruiser. It is larger but lighter and stiffer than the Crestline we owned, and the components are obviously better. There are a lot other good choices. You may want to look for a good quality used bike, and I bet you'll get a lot of feedback if you post some candidate used bikes and ask for opinions.

Have fun!
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Old 11-17-10, 12:08 AM   #6
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UpGrading a CrestLine Tandem

We have a Crestline that is quite a few years old. While I wouldn't spend $500 fixing it up; we did a few things that significantly improved the shifting & smoothness:
- replaced the cranks; we got 3 matching cranks on eBay and the RH stoker is a standard single speed. This works because it is only a 6 speed.
- replaced the 6 speed gear cluster (freewheel)
- eliminated the idler gear by shortening the chain and using a half link.
- rebuilt the bottom brackets (BMX ball bearing type)
- got seats and pedals that we liked and new tires - get tires that match your riding conditions
The frame isn't very wide in the rear and an over sized tire or a bent wheel may rub

We have since purchased a Cannondale, but still alternate between it and the Crestline.
Hope this helps
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Old 11-18-10, 10:21 AM   #7
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I agree with what most said above. These bikes can be great "starter bikes" but usually do not merit the improvements other than some tuning. A good used tandem can be had for a little more than you would spend getting marginal improvements at best. If it were mine, I would buy a better bike and keep it as a spare that could be loaned to other couples you might want to ride with.
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Old 06-18-14, 01:45 PM   #8
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I know I am bumping an old thread here but I need some advice as to the best place to find cranks for this bike. I realize it was quite a few years old but I just got a Crestline tandem and need the (back) crank replaced, and had no luck on ebay so I was wondering if you could give me any advice. I am an amateur and don't know places or ways to search for the specific piece, but I took it to a bike shop and said the best place to find it is online. Thanks for the help!
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