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    Meet my newest (future) stoker!

    Brayden Robert, 7 lbs 13 oz. 23" Born 03/12/2011 @ 11:10 by c-section. Mama and Brayden are doing fine. Daddy almost fainted twice, but survived. Nana and I are none the worse for wear.

    "Pardon me while I get a shampoo. I've been cooped up for 9 months."

    This is the little brother of my first grandson, "Iron Man" Tyler. Many of you have been following his epic battle with a deadly cancer. He, along with the rest of his family, are doing great.

    I look forward to the day when Tyler will pilot, Brayden will stoke, and Nana and I will ride along.
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    Great idea for a thread!

    My newest stoker:

    Maximilien Phillip
    7lbs 9oz

    I already started thinking about how many spokes, and the rim that it would require to build us a quad. I'm not sure its possible at 630bsd or 622bsd, we would have to go with silly 26" wheels and on a custom to fit Dad, how silly would that look?

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