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Tandem Cycling A bicycle built for two. Want to find out more about this wonderful world of tandems? Check out this forum to talk with other tandem enthusiasts. Captains and stokers welcome!

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Thinking about selling the Mtn Tandem... thoughts?

Howdy all,
So a couple of years ago, I built a LaPierre Mtn tandem for my wife and I to ride. I finished it just before she found out she was pregnant with our twins. Unfortunately, since then its been hanging in the garage.

I would like to keep it for some offroad touring as the boys get older, but I'm afraid we'll end up with an expensive bike hanging in the garage that never gets used.

So here's the question, I guess: is there any market for mtn tandems right now? Its got great specs (oversized aluminum LaPierre frame, Velocity tandem wheels, carbon cranks, ATC T-5 Fork, Hope 6-pot disc brakes, XTR rear, SRAM front, XT thumb shifters), and it's got like 10 miles on it.

I'd appreciate your thoughts, and thanks!
Tampa, FL

1982 Santana Road Tandem
LaPierre Mountain Tandem
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Yes, there's a market but it's a small market. The frame brand is a relative unknown here in the states, but has a very good reputation in Europe so you'll want to stress that point and link to their Website or photos of LaPiere's at the starting line of the Roc d' Azure. You could post it to the MTBR off-road tandem forums and get some pretty good exposure, as well as the Double_Forte list at Price and willingness to ship could be the key to how long it will take to sell. Oh yeah, and lots of pictures.

If you can't get what you feel you need to get for the bike, it would be an ideal trailer-puller for the twins and, as they get older if the LaPierre isn't too tall you and your wife could captain the two tandems with a twin stoking on each: just swap out the knobbies for slicks and get a rigid fork. Just something to think about.
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When we bought our triplet we thought about selling our "enduro" style Santana tandem (26" wheels), but hung onto it because we had always liked it. Last fall I put a child stoker kit and knobby tires on it and my 6-year-old son and I now are enjoying mountain biking on it. Glad we kept it!

I also agree with TandemGeek: having twins and two tandems allows you to do family rides, assuming your wife is OK with captaining one of the tandems.

If you do decide to sell, you'll get maximum value by being willing to ship, putting lots of photos up on the Web, and being willing to patiently answer lots of questions from buyers. I've sold (and bought) several tandems over the Web, and it takes a while to get the level of trust with the other party that makes parting with thousands of dollars acceptable. Shipping a tandem really isn't all that hard, but many people are unwilling to deal with the extra hassle. If you don't mind, you'll find a top-dollar buyer for the bike much quicker.
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'can't speak to the current market for tandem MTB's........ but when it come to holding on to good stuff that "I had no real plans for again, but that I might use some day", I've definitely done a 180 over the years.
In the more recent years I've concluded that it is best to sell unused stuff sooner rather than later unless you have a pretty good vision for it.. All to often when I did not sell something when it was fairly current it just gathered dust became out of style and lost its value. Between bike stuff and motorsports stuff over many many years, I discovered I had a real knack for saving stuff that I might use some day only to find that by the time 'some day' never came, I could not give it away.
Granted, once in a while, something became a "classic' or I actually did use again, but mostly it just became nice, well preserved items of near zero value taking up space in the shop.
Then to of course, like anyone, I've gotten rid of stuff that I wish I still had, but those times are fairly rare.......
Truthfully, I now find that I actually enjoy seeing people use and have fun with things that I had sitting idle and wasting away.

Bill J

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I know someone interested in a larger MTB tandem, send a pm if you are interested in selling it. You said boys? And unused? Don't do that, hang onto it if you can!
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Frame size is? Price? Feel free to email me at my screen name @ the gmail place.....
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Originally Posted by specbill View Post
'In the more recent years I've concluded that it is best to sell unused stuff sooner rather than later unless you have a pretty good vision for it. Bill J
Good gawd man....did you actually just say that?

Man cannot have too many toys with wheels or engines!!

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