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    Carbon Drive Bicycle Calculator iPhone App

    I went to the Gates site, to see if there was any news about their CenterTrack belt. There wasn't. Of interest, however, was the news that Gates has released a free iPhone app by which to gauge the tension of a Gates belt.

    Carbon Drive Bicycle Calculator

    Quote Originally Posted by iTunes App Store
    Gates Carbon Drive is the high tech belt drive offering for bicycles. This app is designed to help your bike find its true belt drive potential.

    Interested in key parameters of your drive like speed ratio or center distance? Want to know what belt lengths or sprocket sizes will fit your ride? What about comparing one bike to another to tweak your ratio perfectly? With our calculator and catalog, you can stay on top of the perfect setup for your drive.

    What about tension? Is my tension too high or too low? Dont have a proper tool? Well now were putting one of the easiest and best tension tools right into your iPhone (or iPod touch with microphone not included). Just pluck your belt like a guitar string, and use the microphone on your iPhone to read the frequency that its vibrating at. Compare your belts frequency to the included chart to see if you need to adjust the tension.

    -Find key parameters of your drive such as speed ratio and center distance
    -Change belt length or sprocket sizes to better suit your riding needs
    -Compare two belt drive bikes to each other
    -Check out what sprocket sizes, mounting options, and belt lengths are available in our catalog
    -Check tension with our frequency measuring tool (iPod Touch needs an external microphone)

    See also, from Gates:

    Tune Up Your Belt: Sonic Tension Tester iPhone App Now Available from iTunes

    So, I excitedly downloaded the App, and then sought to enter the specs for the Gates drive on my tandem.

    Hey, there was an option neither for the 69 or 74 teeth in a Gates tandem sprocket, nor for the 250 tooth tandem belt.

    I guess Gates is telling us how they feel about tandems.
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