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    First ride impression, new Calfee Tetra

    We were able to take our new Tetra for it's first ride/shake down cruise today. We rode it on a 30 mile course that we do on a very regular basis so we knew how the old bike responded to the varying road conditions. We did have to stop several times to make minor adjustments, my saddle height and the rear derailleur.

    On a scale of 1 - 10 we both rate it a 10+

    Now you have to realize that we are comparing the new bike to a 1989 steel Santana Visa.

    Here our some of our comments:

    * Very smooth and comfortable
    * Absorbs shocks like it has suspension, my wife asked me if it had suspension
    * Stiff yet compliant, very hard to understand, feels like it has suspension yet when you push it hard it is rock solid
    * Climbs much better than the old bike, lighter and more rigid, it seems like the power gets to the ground better
    * We both felt less tired and beat up as compared to the old bike
    * The bike is very quiet
    * It does not feel like a heavy tandem it almost feels like I am riding my solo road bike
    * It handles more like my single than the old tandem
    * It was a very enjoyable ride, we always enjoy riding the tandem but the new bike made it even more enjoyable
    * I do not know if it is the frame or the components but my wife hardly knew it when I shifted gears. The old bike was an 8 X 3 with a new Ultegra RD and new Ultegra bar end shifters. The new bike has new Ultegra 6703 shifters and Dura Ace FD and RD.

    We are extremely happy with our choice.
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    Nice! I saw in the other thread that it's a gorgeous bike. Sounds like you two were well past due to treat yourselves to something newer. Good to hear you're happy with the investment.

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