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Old 06-18-11, 11:47 AM   #1
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Campy shifters with shimano hubs using jtek shiftmate

Anybody have experience matching campy 10 speed shifters with shimano 10 speed disc hubs using the jtek shiftmate? Anybody try using campy spacers between shimano cogs as alternative. Please let me know what shimano disc hub(s) were used and if brand of chain or anything else that seemed to make a difference.

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There are two or three recent threads (one a resurrected zombie) on this very issue. If you search for Tandemgeek's posts you'll hit these threads for sure. The Shiftmates do work, but can be a bit finicky. On my daVinci I had a very short distance between the chainstay cable stop the my Deore RD so I never got the shifting with Shiftmate where I wanted it. I wound up with a 10 speed SRAM X.9 RD (Exact Actuation), 10 speed Shimano 11-32 cassette and Campy Chorus 10 speed brifters. This combination shifts flawlessly.

Be advised, however, that when I tried a 12-28 10-speed SRAM cassette I could not get the shifting to work well at all despite conventional wisdom which considers SRAM and Shimano 10 speed cassettes interchangeable. If you're content to stick with Shimano 10 speed MTB cassettes (e.g., M771) I wouldn't hesitate to go with the SRAM RD and ship the Shiftmate.
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Thanks for your reply. Went back to threads as you suggested and got about as much info as I needed.

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Campy Record triple drivetrain, DuraAce 10 cassette, and Jtek=perfect shifting.
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Old 06-19-11, 05:10 AM   #5
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I've got Veloce 10sp shifters, jtek, Shimano 9sp everything else and it works perfectly, front and back.
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Have 9 speed campy shifters on an 8 speed shimano cassette using a jtek shiftmate. Works very well, however the cable does seem to cut into the metal of the shiftmate a bit as it curves around to go into the derailleur. Has worked fine though.

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`Nother data point: Campy Record 10 brifters, Shimano derailleurs, SRAM 9 speed cassette, J-tek Shiftmate = perfect shifting. Zero slipping of the J-Tek positioning (as previously reported by TG), using standard (non-coated) cables.
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I used to have Campy 10 -> Shiftmate -> Campy RD -> Shimano Cassette. It shifted ok but either the Shiftmate or RD had to be adjusted a lot. The Shiftmate added to the time to reassemble the bike after after taking it apart for travel. I finally decided why complicate things and just got a Campy 10sp wheel and cassette. Now I can't remember the last time I adjusted the RD. Guess, it's about time I should look at changing the shifter cable though.
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