I found a preparation of a petition for "Revise the regional Road Traffic Act to allow tandem bikes on public roads" to Hokkaido Prefectural Public Safety Commission.

I added my signature to the list.


Hokkaido is one of the best and most popular cycle touring destinations in Japan. The land is less populated and lightly trafficked compared to other regions in the country. However, under the current regional Hokkaido Road Traffic Act, tandem bicycles are not allowed on public roads, with the exception of designated bicycle paths and parks, representing only a very small percentage of the total Hokkaido land. The Act is based on the fact that two people riding on a bicycle is unsafe, but does not recognise the fact that tandem bicycles are purposely built for two people and are very safe to ride. It unfairly prevents tandem bikers, and people with visual and physical disabilities from taking part in their favoured sports and recreation.

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