We just completed Cycle Oregon with our Bengal disc brake installed on our Calfee. This was the first true test for the brake following our Avid brake issues on Mt Ventoux. This year was a very tandem friendly route with only one day of major climbs and descents. On day 6 we did get to test the brake with a steep 2400ft descent on rough chip seal road. The descent had many sharp turns with a few switchbacks on a bad surface. The Bengal brake worked as hoped with good braking and no melted parts. It did get noisy as it heated up as high speed was definitely not advised for the first few miles of the descent. The avid users I talked to also had the noisy distraction. I would rate the braking as about the same with both systems so I am pleased that the heat issues are not a concern with the Bengal brake. Unfortunately we know one tandem flatted on the descent and was injured but I don't know the extent of the injuries but they closed the road so they could get the ambulance to them. They were behind us and I never saw them. Btw Cycle Oregon was well organized again with maybe 30 or so tandems out of 2200 riders. Total milage for the week was about 490 and about 23,000 ft of climbing. Here is a Garmin connect file so you can see the profile of day 6 and see the grade of the descent. Our max speed for the descent was 45 mph.