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    1995 Ibis Easy Street

    That is what I have here, isn't it? It was passed onto my wife and I and unfortunately does not fit us. I believe it is a 58/52. It's a super nice ride and in amazing condition. I believe it came stock with barend shifters, but now has 105 8-speed STI levers.

    Anyone have any idea what this bike might be worth? My wife is pregnant and we're doing some fundraising for baby supplies, and since the bike doesn't fit, we'd like to pass it onto a couple who will appreciate it. What's a fair asking price? We'll be listing it on ebay.

    Hopefully this post is kosher, not trying to spam, just looking for some information.
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    Since this is a little quite, I'll chime in.
    I don't own an Ibis, but I did a lot of research when shopping for a bike last year.
    Here is what I found.
    They are on the edge of collectability. IF you can get a collector interested you can get pretty good money. I don't know how much however because it is a weird collecting thing.
    If yours is not considered collectable, it would go for what a good tandem of that era would pull in.

    You could always just let Ebay do what it does best, judge the market for you.

    As far as how much is it "worth"? I can't answer that for you....

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