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    Topolino wheel update

    Back on September 12th we received our new Topolino True Black ATR 3.0 wheels, we now have right at 2,500 trouble free miles on the wheels. The front has stayed perfectly true, I had to make a slight adjustment to the rear, it was a tiny bit out of true. Turning two spokes approximately 1/8 of a turn brought it back to true.

    We are still completely satisfied with the wheels, they are light, responsive and comfortable.

    The total weight of the new wheels with rim tape installed (that is the way I received them) is 698 grams front and 900 grams rear. Total weight with tires, tubes, cassette, computer magnets and quick release skewers is 2567 grams. I am using Schwalbe ZX 700 X 25 tires, the tires also have 2500 miles on them. The front looks like it could go at least another 1,000 miles if not more. The rear could probably go another 500, however I am going to replace it on Sunday as we are leaving for vacation on Monday and the tandem is going along.


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    Thanks for the Topolino report . . .
    While we do not have Topos on our tandem, do have them on my racing single bike.
    So far 13,000+ miles on them; no issues and never had to true them.
    Great wheels!!!
    Pedal on!

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