With a club ride scheduled for PA and knowing it was time for new pads on our Co-Motion Speedster I decided it was time for some work.
Since I have only adjusted the brakes I wanted to give them a good cleaning. So after finding a few videos I removed the calipers and took them apart and cleaned all the gunk out with Quetips and alcohol. After installing the pads we were ready to go. Now mind you I did this all the morning we were leaving for PA. Nothing like waiting until the last minute!
Well after a 60+ mile ride it was SO nice not to have noisy brakes! And it felt good to now have a handle on yet another component.
The only thing I noticed during the process was the inside of the rear caliper appears to have had the rotor rubbing on it a bit as there was a little gouge. I filed the burr off and check the rotor but did not see and scoring. So I am not sure why this happened.
Any thoughts?