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    Who to fit on a tandem

    I've owned several tandems, and now I'm stuck because my daughter has gotten a bit too large for a BuddyBike or KidzTandem (she loved being in the front). I never really fit either of those because I'm too tall - so moving to a regular tandem is something I'm ready for.

    I really want to get a Quadribent kit and mount it to a couple of Rans Stratus XL's (more realistically a couple of SUN EZ1's) - but due to SPS (Single Parent Syndrome) the funds are limited.

    So I'm looking at a couple of used mid level tandems - but they present a problem. I can get a 95 Burley Duet or a 2009 Trek T900.

    The Duet it the large, and the frame size will fit me - and I can get a child stoker kit for about $50 - but my daughter will be up high. Due to neck problems I'd also have to swap the drop bars for risers (not a big deal). I am concerned about getting a 17 year old bicycle that has a different crankset and bottom bracket than the years that came after it and before it. We commute by bike a lot - and a sturdy bottom bracket with no freeplay is a must since I pretty much do all of the pedaling.

    The Trek t900 would fit my daughter in the back - but the 18.5 front is about 4 inches short for my 36 inch inseam (did I mention I'm really tall?). A 400mm setback seatpost and 5 inch riser bars would probably make it look like a circus ride - and I'm not sure it would be enough for me to fit comfortably.

    Of course - one is more street oriented and the other would be a better trail bike. But what I'm curious about is whether you think should get a bike that fits me and adapt it for my daughter - or get one that fits my daughter and adapt it for me?

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    Get a tandem that fits the pilot. Why?
    Because you are done growing and your daughter isn't.

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    With few exceptions, you fit the tandem to the captain and make sure it can be adapted for the stoker(s)... within reason.

    A large size new or used Co-Motion PeriScope would be a good bike to look for since it will "grow" with your daughter.

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