As some of you may have spotted, I made a specific post with request for assistance at the weekend (getting the feeling we may have to give up on Corsica ).

We have not quite given up on that yet, because it was such a nice idea and we really fancied it as a two centre break, onwards by ferry to Nice and then another flight home.

Anyway, I thought I would throw out a much more general thread here for people to maybe share their own memories, but also for any advice we could use and, no doubt, there will be the odd wisecrack thrown in too! Stoker already has one ancestor who apparently could only afford a tendem to go away from the wedding to the honeymoon hotel, some forty or fifty miles distant, and began his married life telling his newly betrothed it was "only ten miles or so" and trying to keep up the fiction saying constantly "just over the next hill" as they went along! - guess he NEVER lived that down given the tale is still being told now, long after his passing!

Anyway, memories aside, if anyone has tips please bear in mind the following "givens":-
Stoker is partially sighted
Tandem in situ at destination (no coupled frames thanks)
Supported ride required
Budget is a consideration (we are having trouble affording this)
Hybrid type ride preferred, for stoker's comfort (basically not out and out road bike, unlikely if hired of course anyway)

I look forward to hearing back and sharing with my fiancee as we try to press on with plans, oh yes, and the big day is at the end of May, so we still have a little time for booking etc.