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    Potential light weight stoker handlebars

    I have a used 42cm wide Specialized S-Works handlebar that is probably best for use as a stoker handlebar. ( I can and will explain if anyone is interested; this would best be done in a separate email. )

    They weigh 175 grams on my digital scale.

    I am interested in selling them for cheap.

    If you ever wanted to try 42cm handlebars for the stoker, this might be a good way to try this width bar.

    Contact me with your email address if you want to hear more about these handlebars.
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    Uhhh, ghoundz, I don't want to criticize or anything, but, uhh ... 12 posts in just 7 years??!! That's a little excessive, don't you think? You might want to dial the verbosity back a little bit before management around here starts crying about the bandwidth!

    Oh, and BTW, when you edited to correct your typo, you created a typo on the word "typeo". Thought you'd want to know that type of thing.
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