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    New Tandem Club of America Website Goes Live!

    A cross-posting from my blog:

    The Tandem Club of America’s Website has been reborn as a new, one-stop-shop for all of your TCA news and information. This comes right on the heels of the last print copy of DoubleTalk going out via the US Post Office in January, a milepost to be sure.

    As before, “DoubleTalk” in blog form will still be dependent upon contributors for content, but the cycle time between submittal and publication should be pretty short, which will provide members with a more continuous flow of stories and near real-time breaking news.

    Exciting times to be sure; check it out!

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    Our copy hit the inbox yesterday afternoon. I haven't pulled it up yet, but did pass it on to another GTR team.

    Learn from other people's mistakes. You won't live long enough to make them all yourself.

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