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Thread: Etr vt

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    Etr vt

    This year Eastern Tandem Rally will be held in Burlington, VT. Our question is this, what are the hills like in that area? (Rolling, steep and very hilly etc.?)

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    The hills between Burlington and where some of the rides go ie. Bristol area area just a few rollers no mountain climbs. If you head east there are some very good climbs but that would be optional, like the climb up Appalachian gap a very considerable climb! ETR is posting some of the rides online and the vertical foot climbs for the rides listed look low for Vermont.

    Here's a preliminary ride listing it doesn't look too hilly unless you're used to totally flat riding? I don't consider a 50 mile ride "hilly" unless it's over 4000-5000 vertical feet of climbing.
    Most of the rides are in the Champlain valley which is very flat compared to the rest of the state. Incredibly beautiful rides. Don't worry you will probably do fine.
    The ride out along Lake Champlain is extrememly flat though some of it is on a rail trail that goes out onto a causway out in the lake / harbor, a very nice ride.

    Where are you from? What type of riding are you used too?
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