Please tell me there's a frame/brazing shop left in Houston! I just got an old Schwinn Super Sport the other day. The fillet brazed nice ones. Anyway, I looked down at it today while touching up some chips. The upper cable housing stop on the right side (for the rear derailleur) was hanging on by a thread. Long story short, I need a new cable stop brazed on, or I will be unable to shift.

Are there any shops in houston that can do this, and have the stop? Originality is not so important as function. I can cut one off a frame I have if need be. I would rather have someone do it that will treat it well. IE: no excessive blackened or bubbling paint, dropping it, scratching it all up, etc.,,,,BD

American Heliarc comes to mind, but they're also pricey. I had an aluminum oil cooler repaired there, and it was over $100. Not complaining though, they did an amazing job.