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    explody pup

    Route Database - Google Earth

    Sorry to be such a cross-posting bastard. But I wouldn't have to if you whiney babies didn't need your own room...

    Quote Originally Posted by explody pup
    I'd like to try this with the SW forum, first, and maybe those damn dirty Texans, too. I want to get a list of routes compiled in Google Earth. It's easy enough to use and you can save your routes as "My Places" or some such and then import it into the master file which would be available by download from here.

    I wouldn't mind putting the file together and keeping it updated if you folks wouldn't mind plotting a route and emailing it to me.

    If this is successful, then maybe it could start incorporating other regions, too. It would be pretty cool to have a national bike route database. Anyone interested?

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    Are you talking about something like or many other sites like that?
    Here is my to-be commute
    and my current one

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    explody pup
    I figure I'd base it off the Google Maps/Earth format and use a kml file to put together BF member routes. Looks like bikely uses that format. I'm still figuring out what the finished product will be. It'd just be nice to have a compilation of routes people use for either training or commuting. I could give a Google Maps link and a Bikely link or anything else that we could use the kml file for.

    Thanks for the link. I'll add the route.

    Though it's beginning to dawn on me I'm trying to reinvent the wheel. Might wind up kind of pointless in the end.
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