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    Mesquite Rotary Bike Ride - Report

    Just a short note to let everyone know about this ride.

    It is one of the best organized rides I have been on in a while. Especially impressive considering the turn-out. Looked to be more than 1500 or so in attendance. I did the 56 mile route. My wife was a last minute addition and she rode the 20 mile route. I rode along with her until the routes split off from one another.

    Nice ride out to Combine and back through Seagoville. For the most part, lightly traveled county roads with a minimal amount of freeway access roads thrown in.

    Traffic control at the major intersections was very impressive. Most intersections had a several police officers, constables or firemen directing traffic. They gave bikes priority and waved us through just about everywhere. I don't think I ever stopped for traffic control at all.

    Rest stops were nicely stocked and had friendly and helpful volunteers.

    My computer died for a minute after I hit a bump. When I turned it back on and restarted, it kept the mileage, but lost the accumulated ride time The results displayed as I was riding though made me feel like a real hero for a while since I had about 20 miles with an average speed of more than 125 MPH according the computer I should have took a picture!

    Real stats for total ride time were much slower... about 15 MPH for 56 miles. Biggest climb is in the last quarter mile though. Fun way to finish it out.

    Post ride entertainment included assorted cold drinks and chicken sandwiches from Outback. Bluebell ice cream treats available for those that aren't trying to lose weight. Big area with lots of tables and chairs to kick back and catch up with friends and other riders.

    If you are looking for a ride next year that is fairly close in and a pretty good time, I don't think you can go wrong with this one.


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    It was a good ride. I averaged just under 25 for the ride until I took a spill and ground off half my thigh and arse about 5 miles out. The bike is undamaged at least!

    They need a century route bad, and they need to repair those street, and sweep them. Too much gravel (why I crashed) and too many cracks and holes with so many other riders around. My wife hit a pothole and got a pinch flat. Even though they spraypainted it all, the tour shouldn't go through those roads.

    Otherwise it would have been one of the best rides of the year - best support I've ever seen.

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