Hey Everyone. This summer I am going to be taking a 2 month bike trip from St. Augustine Fl to San Diego Ca to raise awareness and encourage action for what is taking place in the Congo. In the Congo children as young as 4 years old are being forced to fight and kill in a war they don't understand.

This is where you can help I need one person in each of the following cities to gather 15-30 people at your house, in a park, anywhere on your cities date so we can sit, break bread, and discuss what is taking place in the Congo and how we can change it.

Liberty Texas- sunday july 19th

Menard Texas- monday july 27th

El Dorado Texas tuesday July 28th

McCamey Texas Thursday July 30th

To contact me please email FWBTcentral@aol.com

Here is a video about our trip:

our blog is here: www.fallingwhistlesbiketour.com

Thanks in advance!