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    The Art of the Bicycle @ Plano ArtCentre

    "The Art of the Bicycle" runs through August 1st at the Plano ArtCentre. Features dramatic racing photographs by Kelly Berry, city cycling acrylics by Janet Karam and Jackson Pollock inspired club riding paintings by Todd Gutmann. Free/donation. 15th Street at Avenue K, one block from the downtown light rail stop (bike parking).

    Fun places to eat these days in downtown P-town.

    Five word review: Motion depicted with static medium.

    Three word review: I liked it.

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    "When man first set woman on two wheels with a pair of pedals, did he know, I wonder, that he had rent the veil of the harem in twain? A woman on a bicycle has all the world before her where to choose; she can go where she will, no man hindering." The Typewriter Girl, 1899.

    "Every so often a bird gets up and flies some place it's drawn to. I don't suppose it could tell you why, but it does it anyway." Ian Hibell, 1934-2008

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