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    LBS aren't pushy and are friendly.

    I've noticed all of the few LBSes I've been to, they seem to be very friendly and helpful. My dad was warning me about how they would try to swindle me into buying the most expensive bike and they would not mention any places other than their own bike shops, probably from experience with buying TVs and cars. It was kind of funny because he said they would try to sell unnecessary things to me, and when he was trying to make up examples they were nonsense (A bike gyroscope, or a helmet with fans installed on it ) , but he was in for a big surprise; With all the people we talked to, they would actually recommend other bike shops in the area to check in and when they heard 'Entry Level Hybrid', they showed us 'Entry Level Hybrid's, not some over-the-top carbon fiber racer that I don't need. They didn't sound desperate on making a sale either, and looking at my dad's expressions, I could tell he was pleased with the service.

    In the car, he brought up how X-store looked cleaner and more organized than Y-store, but I said Walmart and Target are far more organized and cleaner, but have the crappiest bikes .
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    Where do you live? Maybe we can reccommend a few LBS that the forum has had some success with.
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