I am working with a group to re-establish the connection between Tanner Road (about 1/2 way between North Eldridge Parkway and Brittmoore) and the Addicks Dam. We are identifying users or potential users of the trail to show local support for the project. This would be of particular interest to cyclists and hikers in the subdivisions Lakes on Eldridge, Lakes on Eldridge North, Twin Lakes, Eldridge Park, and Villages at Lakepointe as well as the business parks Brittmoore Park and Brittmoore-Tanner.

This connection, which will require about 1000' of trail, will provide access to the concrete top of spillway south to Clay Road, then the gravel top-of-dam road to the shared use path at Chatterton. From this point there is connection east to Westview bike lane; south to the Kirkwood bike lane; and west to the Dairy Ashford bike lane. Current amenities near Dairy Ashford include trail under I-10 to Terry Hershey Park and trail to Addicks Park and Ride.

Our intent is to develop the idea and collect support so we can contact potential funding sources fall of 2013.

If you would support and use this connection, please contact bryan.dotson@live.com.