Link to my CL ad: 1989 Trek 520 touring bike, 53cm, all original, totally refurbished

I usually hang out in the C & V forum, but I figured this one is relevant over here. This bike is in Brooklyn, NY and I'd rather not ship it. You can pick up or find a facilitator for you. It is mechanically excellent--I have overhauled and replaced everything--and cosmetically very good. It has some paint scratches and nicks, but nothing serious, and no dents or dings. I bought it from the original owner, who stated she took it on a 3 week tour in 1990 and it has pretty much been in her basement since then. Every bearing, drop of grease, cable, rubber, chain, cassette, even the derailleur pulleys, etc is new. I also replaced the freehub body with a Hyperglide one so I could use a readily available cassette (I think I have the original freehub body somewhere if you want it for some reason). I intended this to be my daily rider, but I ride my VO all the time and this one just sits. I doubt I put 100 miles on it. $395.