Well I didn’t make it all the way to Texas - got caught in mountains in New Mexico - rain , wind, chills etc. - ended the effort. Thought I had the flu - but probably just the results of exhaustion and really old muscles (67) saying “Enough”. Went almost 800 miles over three weeks. Rented car and finished.

Several impressions - we really do have a lot of Border Patrol people, We really do have a lot of Wet Backs. Riding a bike - one tends to sneak up on groups hiding in bushes.

No one on the main land is worried about price of gas - only vehicles allowed on roads are enormous motor homes and suv’s.

In case anyone needs it - there is a product called “Butt’r” that solves the saddle sore problem.

Only people allowed to run motels are from India. After spending three weeks in CA, AZ, NM - there is really some BAD Mexican food out there!

The only consistent TV station on the mainland is a weird station called “The Weather Channel” - we don’t have that in Hawaii. In most cases it was more interesting than CBS, NBC, and ABC.

Kevlar Bike Tires (Specialized Armadillo) are well worth the price - not a single flat!

Had really hard time convincing local UPS lady that I could ship my bike back to Hawaii via UPS Ground. She had to call headquarters before she would believe me.

Tom Rush
Honolulu HI