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    Germany, Poland, Lithuania

    Looking at the idea of a short bike vacation in the coastal parts of what used to be East Germany, and wonder if anyone has any clues on bike rental, bike trails and where to stay. How easy would it be to dip into northern Poland or Lithuania as well? I remember hearing about endless sanddunes and unspoiled countryside on the Lithuanian coast, but that was quite a few years ago. We'll have a car and will be basing ourselves in hotels and taking day trips from there, so luggage transport/tent transport won't be an issue. But we'll obviously want bikes that are not quite falling apart. Not sure how many miles we'd aim at as well -- I like to ride 60-100km a day, but suspect my travelling companion may have a somewhat less aggressive idea of what a good day's riding is all about. The idea of the holiday is to relax anyway, so we'd take time to hike trails, visit towns and eat good food, and I'm not that bothered about racking up the miles. Welcome any feedback. Or indeed ideas of alternative bike-friendly destinations that can be reached from Berlin.
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    This is a great site with some pretty detailed information about biking in Germany.

    NE Germany is a wonderful place to ride, mostly flat to rolling hills, lots to see and do and the most sparsely populated area of Germany. Lots of Berliners escape to the Baltic on the weekends so it can be hectic. Lots of Pensions and Appartements, youth hostels and campgrounds along the coast.

    Two routes I'd recommend are the Baltic Coast and the Oder-Neisse . The Baltic Coast Route is much more scenic while the Oder-Neisse is more country side-ish.

    The pdf files that are on the site offer fairly detailed information about the routes with accomodation, food, etc. Also, a good starting point would be Rostock. I rented a bike there about 4 years ago, can't remember the bike shop, but it was a decent Mt. bike and I spent a month exploring the Baltic Coast. I highly recommend it.

    Another enjoyable area is the Mecklenburgishe Alpen, about midway between Rostock and Berlin. Despite the name they are only large hills but wonderful vistas abound and little more than local traffic to contend with.

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