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    My first long miles trip

    Hi all,
    I just finished the first leg of my first big mile trip. 495 miles
    total. From New Orleans, Louisiana to Ft. Payne, Alabama in the US. I
    haven't done a tour journal anywhere but I may at some point. I
    learned a couple of important things though. Don't carry more than
    you absolutely need as the weight will quickly tell on your body.
    Nutrition is key, without the calories to pump out the body and even
    the mental edge quickly shuts down. I rode the interstate 95% of the
    trip because I found secondary roads to dangerous. It's illegal but I
    was run off the interstate only once and only stopped by State
    Troopers all other law enforcement simply ignored me. I will have to
    plan way more carefully for the return. Before this trip the longest
    I had riden was 20 miles. I didn't enjoy the trip as much as I was
    hopeing possibly due to my not having planned it out to well. I don't
    really know what I was expecting perhaps some cathartic, spiritual
    experience. What it was was me with my head down most of the time
    pumping out the miles repeating like a litany to myself THE JOY OF
    THE LORD IS MY STRENGTH or THANK YOU LORD. There were many hills
    where that was the only thing that got me over them. I lost about
    20lbs, mostly water weight I think and my blood pressure lowered
    which is a good thing as it has been quite high for some time. I was
    on a $166.00 Schwinn Ridge MTB with panniers and a 14" canvas duffel
    strapped to the top of a rear rack. It held up well mechanically
    except that the factory tires began to give out after about 250 miles
    and I had to replace both tubes and one tire. Then at about 390 miles
    I broke a spoke and had to travel on a warped rear wheel for the last
    100 miles of the journey. I dumped about $40 worth of gear and food
    at a reststop to lighten the load. You don't need to bring more than
    a couple of high carb powerbars for backup food to get you to the
    nearest food joint. I consumed large amounts of energy drink. I now
    know that I will dump a considerable amount of weight before I begin
    the return journey. Well that's about it for now


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    But you made it this far! I salute you.

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    Keep it coming! I don't have the nards for something like that yet, but hope to before the summer is over!

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