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    from the 'making-do-with-what-you-got' department...

    I'm working on ways to outfit a road bike that has no eye-lets for racks so that it can be used for light touring/commuting (in other words... delaying the inevitable NEW PURCHASE cause I'm still paying the last one off; with a compact double, I think the Felt could do duty)

    Would not likely be doing any fully-loaded touring (sans tent/sleeping bag)

    have any other riders used the following plus some bags/panniers on a lighter road bike (ALU)

    or this one on a lighter bike?

    Seems the option is a bag/trunk loaded lengthwise with the rack, or laterally across the back of the saddle or rack like a double-wide Saddle Bag. The only loads I"ve ever carried (fully loaded touring in my youth) was panniers and tent/bag piled up on the top of the rack.

    Just casting around for rider's experiences prior to taking a chance... a chance being, I'd have to order something like this before actually seeing the stuff

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    A carradice saddlebag probably the best option for light touring and daily commuting in terms of load/weight; better than a single pannier or a rack-top bag.
    The bagman support will enable you to fit saddlebags on saddles that do not have loops (ie any saddle except Brooks B17).
    The nitto rack makes a good saddlebag support if you already have the loops but its hard to see how you could otherwise attatch a suitable bag.

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    Does you're felt look like this?

    This is a pic from one of the members of the yahoo group 'ultralightbiking' that I belong to. The poster is using a seatpost mounted rack and has attached dry bags with his gear.
    This is his "fully loaded" setup! In those bags are likely to be sleeping bag, tarp-tent, and alchohol stove as well as all the necessary supplies for touring and camping.
    Join the group and ask him some questions if you'd like.

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